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Starbucks Mermaid Frap Makes a Splash

Just when the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino was disappearing from your Instagram feed, a new mystical and magical drink is about to take over. Thanks to Jócelyn Freeman, also known as The Modern Barista, the Mermaid Frappuccino is ready to make a splash. Freeman created the Mermaid Frappuccino when her store ran out of ingredients to make the Unicorn Frappucino, and we’re so glad she did.

While this frapp won’t be displayed on the menu like last month’s unicorn-inspired drink was, you can still order Freeman’s creation. The Mermaid Frappuccino is made of a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino base with scoops of blackberry. The blackberries give the drink a purple color which is then complimented by a specially made green drizzle. A combination of white mocha, toasted coconut, and matcha powder, the drizzle not only tastes amazing, but adds ~all the mermaid vibes~.

Cosmopolitan’s, and Fairfield U’s own, Danielle Tullo got the scoop on the drink that is guaranteed to take over social media this month. If you want your frapp to look Insta worthy, ask your barista to put the drizzle around the cup then the fapp so that it resembles a mermaid! But if your barista is too busy to make the drizzle, she advises simply asking for matcha powder on top of your whip cream so that you still have some green to look like a mermaid tail!

There’s no need to go under the sea this summer to look for a sweet matcha drink that you (and your Instagram followers) will love!


Jennie is a sophomore Communication major at Fairfield University. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Fairfield! You can usually find her typing away on her laptop, blasting Drake, with an iced coffee by her side.
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