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Starbucks Gets Spooky With Zombie Frappuccino

With Halloween just a few days away, everyone is getting in the ~spooky spirit~. Starbucks is known for celebrating holidays with unique and yummy drinks, and this Halloween they certainly did not disappoint.

Starting October 26, you can order the Zombie Frappuccino from your local Starbucks. Nothing is as scary or gory as a zombie, so this drink is prefect for the upcoming Halloween festivities.

The Frappuccino consists of a green caramel apple base, with dark mocha drizzle to give it that ~creepy~ zombie effect. The finishing touch is pink whip cream to resemble the brains that zombies are known for eating.

This Frapp is definitely a sweet treat, so be sure to get to your Starbucks soon because supplies are limited!  


Jennie is a sophomore Communication major at Fairfield University. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Fairfield! You can usually find her typing away on her laptop, blasting Drake, with an iced coffee by her side.
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