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Starbuck’s New Frappuccino Will Predict Your Future

As of today, you can go to your local Starbucks to get your fortune read. Well, kinda.

The new Crystal Ball Frappuccino is a peach flavored drink topped off with peach whipped cream. Turquoise sprinkles are scattered throughout the white Frapp to give it that ~mystical~ vibe.

The top of the Frappuccino is where your future lies. The color of your sprinkles determines what’s in store for you and not even your barista will know what color they will be until they shake them on top of your drink!

The purple sprinkles mean magic is in your future, blue sprinkles mean that adventure is ahead, and green sprinkles mean luck and good fortune are in the cards for you!

Be sure to head over to Starbucks ASAP because this drink is only here for a limited time and when else will you be able to get your fortune read by a Frappuccino?


Jennie is a sophomore Communication major at Fairfield University. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Fairfield! You can usually find her typing away on her laptop, blasting Drake, with an iced coffee by her side.
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