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Regardless if you’re a Grey’s Anatomy fan or not, if you have been on the internet at all in the past week, you know that Patrick Dempsey has returned to bless our TV screens once again. That’s right, ladies after 5 long years since Derek Shepherd’s tragic death, it looks like Dr. McDreamy is back, and his hair looks ~perfect~ as always.


*SPOILER ALERT* In last week’s 2-hour premiere for season 17, Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and its doctors were focused and working on the frontlines in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Since the hospital is strictly open for COVID patients, there are no visitors or scheduled surgeries. We see this through the eyes of Meredith Grey, who witnesses all of the tragic deaths while working directly with the patients. This obviously has taken a toll on her physically, emotionally, and mentally, as she was later found unconscious and not breathing in the parking lot. 


In what appears to be a dream, Meredith is alone on a beautiful beach until she keeps hearing someone call her name. Who could it be? It is THE DEREK SHEPHERD! Although their reunion was short during this episode, it pretty much broke the internet.


This leaves us with a million questions: is she experiencing symptoms of the virus? Is the hallucination an early sign of Alzheimer’s? Was it just utter exhaustion? We will find all of this out soon, with hopefully more scenes of McDreamy.


Tune into ABC on Thursdays at 9 p.m. to watch the rest of Meredith, Derek, and the hospital’s journey with COVID unfold.

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