Speaking Out for Girls Who Stay in on the Weekends

Since coming to college and experiencing all that college life has to offer, I have specifically not involved myself in one certain aspect of college and that is the party scene. I was never a partier in high school, and I continued that trend into college. I want to make it clear that I am not saying that the people who choose to party in college are bad people, I just personally choose to not participate. Since coming to college, the party scene on the weekends has been very prominent. It is not so prominent that I can’t avoid it, but it is prominent enough that I know it is happening around me.

    As a non-partier, I would just like to take a moment to speak for all my fellow collegiettes who share in my decision to not party on the weekends. I can see how it is a lifestyle that works and is enjoyable for some people in college and I respect that. But being who I am, it is not an experience that I have a desire to be a part of. Staying in on the weekends or going and doing things other than partying is my kind of weekend – and I’m sure many of you out there agree with me. Hanging out with my friends at one of the on-campus events, chilling in one of the lounges together, taking a night to relax by myself in my room, going to see a movie, or having a nice dinner in town are some of the things that I like to do during my weekend nights – and I’m sure I’m having just as much fun as the people who are out partying.

    I feel that there is this pressure in college to participate in the party culture because it is what makes you “cool” and it’s how you have fun on the weekends, but I disagree with that. There are multiple ways to have fun on the weekends and enjoy yourself, whether it be partying or just hanging out with your friends doing something together. But for those of you out there who don’t relate to the party scene like me, know that you don’t have to party in college and there are many other things that you can participate in all while enjoying yourself. Don’t get pressured into anything you are uncomfortable with, that is the most important thing. Overall, just enjoy your college experience and do what makes you happy!