Signs You’re a Blonde-A-Holic

From blonde jokes to claiming that we do have more fun, blondes honestly know how to laugh off a lighthearted insult. There is a lot of maintenance to keep those perfect golden locks looking fab. Here are the signs that you are a blonde-a-holic. 

You have a strong bond with your stylist because you trust no one with your color but her.  

You memorized your color formula by heart.

You automatically share a bond with other blondes.

You wonder why you dyed your hair any other color but blonde in the past.

You visit the salon at least once a month for a toner or more highlights.

You feel refreshed the moment you step out of the salon.

You proudly to say, “Blondes have more fun” and ignore all the haters.

Purple shampoo and hair treatments are your best friends.

You do not feel guilty spending money on highlights every 8 weeks.

When your friends dye their hair blonde you are more excited for them than they are especially because you can now enter them into the sisterhood. 

The moment you get compared to fellow blondes like Blake Lively you know you must never change your hair color ever again.