Selena Gomez Releases 3 New Tracks in “Rare” Deluxe

Earlier this year, Selena Gomez released her newest album, Rare. As many other artists do, she has now released a deluxe edition of her album. What makes her album so ~deluxe~ or special now? She has released 3 brand new songs: “Boyfriend,” “She” and “Souvenir.” 


The incredibly catchy “Boyfriend”—which we are sure you’ll be singing as we are—has a music video out now as well. There’s something mystical and magical about Selena’s music video and we mean that literally. In the video, Selena appears to have a magic potion and ~SPOILER ALERT~ is turning her dates into frogs. It definitely is giving us some fairytale vibes. Don’t believe us? Check out the super cool video for yourselves!


On her Instagram page, Selena stated that her song “Boyfriend” is “a lighthearted song about falling down and getting back up time and time again in love, but also knowing you don’t need anyone other than yourself to be happy.” As if that itself was not a good enough reason to start jamming, Gomez states that she will personally be donating money to the COVID-19 relief fund along with $1 from every purchase from her online store. This is something we think that we can all get behind. 


Collegiettes, we’re going to playing this on repeat for our quarantine dance parties. We’re also looking into how to write our next paper on the symbolism in Selena’s “Boyfriend” music video. Stay safe, ladies because we are looking forward to jamming with you in person again soon.