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Selena Gomez is Launching Her Makeup Brand, Rare Beauty

Another celeb beauty line is coming our way. Get excited! On February 4, Selena went live on Instagram to announce the upcoming launch of Rare Beauty, named after her latest album. “It’s not just a brand. It’s going to be a lifestyle,” she told viewers. She claims that she has been working on the line for two years and desires to alleviate the pressure of feeling like you need what everyone else has. The promotional posts on the Rare Beauty Instagram page feature a voice-over that says, “I want us all to stop comparing ourselves to each other and start embracing our own uniqueness. You’re not defined by a photo, a like, or a comment. Rare Beauty isn’t about how other people see you. It’s about how you see yourself.” 


 There is no specific information about the types of products that the line will feature, but the video implies that there will be lip colors and complexion products. If you’re just as excited as I am to get your hands on Selena’s beauty line, be sure to hit Sephora this summer when it is expected to drop there exclusively!  

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