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Review of Her Campus College Fashion Week in NYC!

Ladies, Her Campus College Fashion Week didn’t disappoint yet again! There were so many amazing Insta opportunities; it was absolutely fabulous. Sponsors such as Venmo, Primark, and Flare had interactive booths that the attendees could visit. Venmo especially has the coolest booth I’ve ever seen! Collegiettes…it was a ball with flying confetti (queue party music, please).



Besides all of the amazing sponsors, let’s talk about the fashion show sponsored by ~the one and only~ Primark! The show highlighted the latest fall trends from the company, and it was super cute and #affordable. I’ll definitely be adding some of these trends into my wardrobe this season without a doubt! College Fashion Week wouldn’t be complete if they didn’t give us free goodies to take home :) 


It was such an ~amazing~ experience going to the show and seeing all the other amazing ladies that I met at Her Conference. I am honored to be a part of such a ~fabulous~ organization.  



Her Campus College Fashion Week is a must to attend and is truly an amazing experience!

Joanna Mastropaolo is a senior at Fairfield University and is majoring in Communication and minoring in Islamic World Studies. She's from New Jersey and loves anything that has to do with the Olympics, but especially the Women's gymnastics team! Joanna is grateful to be a part of the Her Campus team and is looking forward to what the future has in store for her :)
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