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Returning to Fairfield As Told By Emma Stone

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fairfield chapter.

As summer winded down and it was finally Labor Day weekend, us Stags were desperately itching to get back to our beautiful campus for another amazing year.  From awkward run-ins to the first day drink, Emma, our Easy A favorite, totally feels us in all of the highlights that come with getting back to Fairfield.

Seeing your friends for the first time!

Having to lug all of your stuff up into your new room.

Saying bye to the rents.

When the pictures that you spent hours arranging won’t stay up on your walls, no matter how many Command strips you use.

Getting ready for the first night out!! And obviously jamming out to your pregame playlist with your BFF roommates.

Finally getting mozzarella sticks at the Levee after dreaming about them all summer.

Walking into your first class, panicking trying to find a seat near someone that you know.

Having a hardo prof that keeps you the full time of your first turbo.

Seeing your crush who got even HOTTER over the summer. 

Impatiently waiting for Saturday’s day drink.


Crashing from syllabus week high and actually having to start doing real work.

Realizing that the year has only just begun, and there is so much to look forward to!

Gabriella is currently a junior at Fairfield University, where she is majoring in Marketing and minoring in Communications. She is Co-Campus Correspondent of Her Campus Fairfield with her roomie/best friend Pamela Grant! Gab can most likely be found with a Venti Starbs in hand, while wearing obnoxiously large sunnies (no shame), reading the most recent issue of Glamour Mag.