Relaxation Break At Nefaire Spa

What better way to relax prior to finals than with a fresh and natural facial? Her Campus Fairfield took a quick trip off campus to Westport’s newest haven, Nefaire Spa. This quick relaxation sesh was a perfect break from all of the “end of the semester” chaos on campus and is conveniently located ten minutes away!

Nefaire Spa offers a wide variety of different facials but what sets them apart from other spas is that customers are able to pick their own ingredients and scents to customize their facials in a way that best fits their skin types. “The Kitchen,” as the spa calls it; is where fresh ingredients and products are mixed right in front of you to create your facial. They consider themselves to be a “fresh spa,” meaning that they look at wellness in a whole new light.

Technically you would not go to Nefaire for a traditional “spa day,” where you spend the entire day in the salon. Instead, Nefaire is designed for the busy gal who needs a quick relaxation break. It is a perfect spa for the busy collegiette who is always on the move. No service is over 70 minutes.

Nefaire is now offering a 20% discount on one hour services for Fairfield students when they show their student ID. Whether you haven’t left the library in days or just need a quick pick-me-up, Nefaire Spa is the place for you!