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Relationship/Love Story Reads for Your Spring Break/Summer Travels

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fairfield chapter.

No matter where you’re headed for spring break or your next trip, a good vacation read is a must-have travel accessory! These three books are great for any travel destination, or a nice long staycation at home. Everyone loves a good love story or relationship novel, and these picks are sure to please. Read on to see my suggestions!

Beach Read by Emily Henry

My number one suggestion for a romantic spring break read is Beach Read by Emily Henry. This romance novel is perfect for anyone who wants a love story to enjoy while lounging on the beach. Beach Read is about January, a romance author, who moves to a beach house next door to her rival, Augustus. January and Gus soon begin working together and eventually, sparks start to fly between the pair of writers. The book has everything you’d want from a romance novel, including loveable protagonists. The setting of Beach Read and its swoon-worthy romance plot make it the perfect spring break companion.

Normal People by Sally Rooney

This next book is pretty different from Beach Read, but it is a great account of the ups and downs of a relationship. Normal People by Sally Rooney is one of my favorite books ever; it follows main characters Marianne and Conell as they navigate high school, college, and beyond. The characters are relatable and the story is so compelling; it will definitely keep you wanting more as you read from your hotel room or plane seat. If you’re looking for a novel that depicts a real, complex relationship, Normal People is for you! And when you’ve finished, be sure to check out the amazing Hulu miniseries adapted from the book.

That Summer by Jennifer Weiner

As the name might suggest, That Summer by Jennifer Weiner does take place in the summer. Despite it being set in that time, it will still make for a great spring break read, especially if you’re traveling to the destination where much of the book takes place: Cape Cod, Massachusetts. That Summer has its fair share of relationship goals and beach scenery, but it’s definitely not a light read. It’s also a serious novel that deals with emotional topics, like sexual assault. The story is told from the point of view of both Daisy and Diana, whose lives connect in shocking ways. That Summer will certainly keep you turning the page no matter what. 

Content warning: That Summer contains mention and description of rape, sexual assault, and PTSD.

XO Erica

Erica Schindler

Fairfield '25

Erica is a sophomore at Fairfield University majoring in Digital Journalism with a minor in Editing and Publishing. She is from Scotch Plains, New Jersey. Erica enjoys reading, cooking and baking, and binge-watching Succession.