Pres Ball Makeup Look

One of the first things on my to-do list as the new Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Fairfield was to help my writers publish as much content as possible. The second thing? Do a live makeup tutorial on Instagram – duh!

If you missed my Pres Ball makeup tutorial yesterday, no worries! I’ve listed all the steps here so you can easily recreate the look tomorrow night!

1. Eyes

I started out by priming my eyelids with an eyeshadow primer. Then, I used a crease eyeshadow brush to apply a dark, matte brown in the crease of my eyes. Then, I took a flat shadow brush to apply a lighter matte brown all over my lid. After, I took a slightly smaller shadow brush to apply a champagne color to my lid as well in order to add some shimmer to my look. After, I used a matte cream shadow to highlight under my eyebrows.

2. Prime and Highlight

Next, I primed my face with a foundation primer. I also took an extra step, and ~primed my primer~ with a translucent powder, by brushing it all over my face to lock it in. this helps to ensure a flawless finish. Then, I took a highlighting concealer and applied it under my eyes using my fingertips. This helped to erase my dark under eye circles, and make my face appear brighter!  

3. Foundation and Concealer

Then, I used a beauty sponge to apply my liquid foundation all over my face. After evenly applying a layer of foundation, I went back in with my concealer to cover up any other imperfections!

4. Bake!

Once my foundation was finished, it was time for my favorite step – baking! Baking is a technique where you take a loose powder (translucent or tinted) and apply it to your face with a beauty sponge. I applied the powder to my under eye area, under my cheekbones, my t-zone, and my chin. When recreating this look, focus on putting powder on areas you where you tend to get oily, or areas where you are not going to apply any more powder. After waiting a few minutes, I brushed away the excess powder to reveal a matte, flawless finish to my foundation.

5. Eyebrows

While I was waiting for my foundation to “bake,” I did my eyebrows. Since I have pretty thick eyebrows, I just used a spoolie to brush them out and a clear gel to keep them in place. If you have thinner eyebrows, or prefer a bolder look, feel free to use a tinted eyebrow pencil to fill them in!

6. Contour

For this step, I took my favorite waterproof bronzer and applied it to my face with a bronzer brush. I applied my bronzer by creating a “3” shape on the side of my face – starting at the top of my forehead, going down under my cheekbones, and then under my jaw/chin. I also added some bronzer on the sides of my nose to make it appear thinner. Using a bronzer to contour adds definition to your face, as well as a warm glow!

7. Blush

After contouring, I took a pink blush and applied it to the apples of my cheeks. Using a blush helps to define your cheek bones and add a pop of color!

8. Highlight – again!

Next, I took a champagne colored highlighter and applied it to the top of my cheekbones with a small highlighting brush. Applying highlighter to the top of your cheekbones draws light to the high points of your face, brightening your whole look!

9. Mascara

Once my whole face was done, I went back to my eyes to curl my eyelashes and apply mascara. I like to wait until the end to do this step so that I can easily apply my concealer and foundation around my eyes without messing up the mascara I would have applied to my lower lash. For Pres Ball, feel free to apply some false eyelashes for a fuller and more ~dramatic~ look! If falsies aren’t your thing, definitely be sure to use a volumizing mascara – it is Pres Ball after all!

10. Lip

To finish off the look, I applied a bold, matte purple lipstick to my lips. IF you’re wearing a plain LBD, opting for a bold lip is perfect for an event like Pres Ball. While your dress may be simple, your makeup will totally stand out!

11. Finishing Spray

To top it all off, I spritzed a finishing spray all over my face to lock in my look and make sure it won’t budge while I’m taking a bunch of pictures and dancing the night away at Pres Ball!

That’s it! If you were able to watch it, I hope you enjoyed my livestream! If you couldn’t, I hope these steps gave you some makeup inspo! Have an amazing time tonight, Stags!!