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Potter Heads Rejoice: Secrets Revealed In New JK Rowling “Bibliography”

Dear Witches, Wizards and of course Muggles,

I am pleased to inform you that there will be a new book regarding the Harry Potter novels that will be released this year in the United States! Yes, it is happening, so get ready to take out your wands.

This 544 page book titled, “J.K. Rowling: A Bibliography 1997-2013” by Sotheby’s director for children’s books Philip Errington, reveals how the Harry Potter phenomenon came to be such a success. The book dispels rumors and exposes behind-the-scene secrets of the widely acclaimed series from snippets of correspondence to original contributions to the works. Clearly, the book must not tell lies! (Vanity Fair)

Though the academic text will not be released within the United States for a couple more months, it has already been published within the United Kingdom. The Guardian and other newspapers have published little segments of what the book contains. Some details that have been released are: Rowling’s frustration regarding Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the pressures of those in possession of the manuscripts while the series was at an all time high, alternative titles for the books, and the fact that Nearly-Headless Nick was supposed to have a song. Not to worry though fellow Potter Heads, many more mysteries will be revealed and this golden snitch will be here before we know it. (The Leaky Cauldron)

Hang on to your broomsticks!

Yours Sincerely,

Overly Excited HCXO

Adriana is currently a second semester senior at Fairfield University. She is majoring in Communication and English with a concentration in creative writing as well as a double minor in marketing and women, gender and sexuality studies.              
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