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Perfect Fall Lipstick For Every Skin Tone

When it comes to experimenting with lipstick there is no better time to try something new than in the fall. With every changing leaf and drop in temperature, this season is begging for us collegiettes to have fun while we can before winter arrives and makes it impossible to get out of bed—let alone get all dolled up. 

From affordable drug store buys to splurge-worthy brands, use these suggestions below as a guide for your next purchase of the perfect lipstick shade to compliment your skin tone. 

Fair to LightWhen it comes to having fair to light skin, you want to avoid being washed out by the color you choose. Your best bet is sticking with light blush tones such as pinks and taupe during the day. For a quick transition to night, try a light reddish/brown that has a hint of shimmer. 

Light Reddish-Brown Urban Decay ‘Revolution’ Lipstick in color: Liar

Light Pink Tom Ford Lip Shine in color: Chastity

Light Taupe Estée Lauder ‘Pure Color Envy’ Sculpting Lipstick in color: Insatiable Ivory

Medium to OliveFor medium to olive skin tones, consider your outfit before you choose your color. You’ll want to balance the amount of color you wear on your lips if you’re wearing fall hues in your outfit. If you are wearing neutrals, opt for a light to medium berry color or a more subdued apricot with orange undertones to bring out your skin tone during the day. For night, try out a rich red for a pop of color.

Light/ Medium Berry Urban Decay ‘Revolution’ Lipstick in color: Rapture

Dark Red Estée Lauder ‘Pure Color Envy” Sculpting Lipstick in color: Thrilling

Dark Apricot Tom Ford Lip Color Shine in color: Abandon

Medium-DarkFor medium to darker skin tones, you’ll want to judge what lipstick to wear according to the other makeup you are wearing. If you are going to opt for no eye shadow or light shimmer in shades of pink, purple, or taupe, you’re best bet is to bring out the brownish red and deep berry colors for the day. For night, try a dark fuchsia that will be sure to complement any going-out makeup and outfit you have planned.

Dark Fuchsia Urban Decay ‘Revolution’ Lipstick in color: Catfight

Deep Berry Estée Lauder ‘Pure Color Envy” Sculpting Lipstick in color: Insolent Plum

Brownish Red Tom Ford Lip Color Shine in color: Willful

Camille Giacovas is a sophomore at Fairfield University with an International Studies major and an English minor with a concentration in Professional Writing.  She dreams of traveling the world and she strongly believes in the power of living a positive life. She is a lover of hot yoga, running and finding the little things in life that bring her joy. Her mornings would not be complete without a chai tea latte. 
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