The Perfect App For Your Taste Buds

The most annoying thing ever has to be when you have dinner plans with your friends, significant other, co-workers etc, and no one can decide on where to eat! It becomes a battle of "You pick, No you pick!."

The Taste App is finally here to solve all of our problems. It uses the community's vote to come up with the best option for you to eat. No fake reviews, no lies!

"We created Taste for the sole purpose of helping people find the best dining options in their city, in a clear cut, no-nonsense way. You can't trust that those reviews, five star ratings, or top 5 articles are going to lead to a great experience. We take the guess work out by letting people vote on their singular favorite place in each category. The goal is to have our users spend less time debating on where to go, and more time actually enjoying the dining experience!" -CEO Andy Seavers

This app is a ~MUST~ when it comes to making dinner plans. You can download the Taste app here.

Happy EATING ladies!