Our Thoughts on the ~Epic~ Season Finale of the Bachelor

Ladies, Bachelor history has been made all thanks to our man Colton Underwood! Season 23’s season finale was truly unlike any other. Forget your typical last rose ceremony with a decision to pick between two women to spend the rest of your life with. Let’s just dump the two women who are left and go after the one who said she wasn’t ready for an engagement. A ~dramatic~ turn of events but Colton fought for a love that was so real to him, a love that he would refuse to let go and live without.



We sincerely applaud Colton for not giving up on Cassie and being completely honest with Tayshia and Hannah, even though they were blindsided and very much confused by his decision. Colton surprised the nation by catching Cassie before she left Portugal, and laying it all out for her to hear by letting his heart do the talking. His commitment to their relationship and doing whatever it takes to make it work was so special to witness. I mean come on, the guy jumped a fence for this girl, how much more in love can you get? Even though they did not end up engaged at the end of the finale, they are enjoying dating life and looking forward to all that’s come in the future. We can’t wait for those official wedding bells! Wishing you all the best Colton and Cassie!


P.S. All you guys out there, are you willing to jump a fence for the girl you can’t live without? We sure hope so!