Our Favorite Brands Run By Total Girl Bosses

When I used to shop, I did not think much about where I was purchasing my items from. After I started to do more research, I found that some brands I was shopping at did not share values that I agreed with. This led me to start to do more research on the brands I am contributing to so I can be a more conscious and inclusive shopper.


I have tried to stay away from fast fashion brands recently. Although this is a very difficult task to do, I ultimately feel much better about the items I purchase when I truly know the time and effort, and business’ goals that went into making the product. I try to shop at brands that are as eco-friendly as can be, do not use sweatshops, and are inclusive to all. This is something that is unfortunately very difficult to find! After much research, I have found that these brands align with those values and are run by total girl bosses!


One brand that is expensive but very worth it is Mother of Pearl. This brand is run by Amy Powney and its mission is to eventually have 100% sustainable fashion. They have some of the best jackets and denim out there that is very pricy, but very worth it. They will last forever! 


If you are looking for some new jewelry, mejuri is the place to shop. They have some of the best jewelry out there that is pretty affordable and fashionable. Mejuri was founded by Noura Sakkijha and has new jewelry every Monday!


One of my personal favorite brands that have been gaining popularity is glossier. Glossier is a minimalist makeup and skincare company founded by Emily Weiss. Some of my favorite products are Balm DotcomLash Slick, and Cloud Paint. Glossier is affordable, has great packaging, and makes your makeup look great. 


I would definitely recommend checking these boss babe brands out if you haven’t already!