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The One with the Ralph Lauren and Friends Collab: Get Rachel Green’s Style!

Looking to dress like Rachel Green this fall season? Ralph Lauren just released a Friends inspired clothing collection in honor of the popular sitcom’s 25th anniversary!


The collection consists of 74 pieces named, “The One Where They Wear Ralph Lauren.” The line features some of Rachel’s trendsetting pieces, black skinny leather pants reminiscent of Ross, and even Phoebe’s fur coat! The prices currently range anywhere between $19.99 and $2,998.00, so we better start saving up if we want to live out our dreams of becoming the seventh friend!

The clothing for the campaign is modeled in various Friends locations including Central Perk, Rachel and Monica’s apartment balcony, and even the iconic orange couch and fountain from the opening credits!



You can copy the gang’s ~iconic~ 90’s style by purchasing the pieces online or at Bloomingdale’s. The Bloomingdale’s Flagship Store in New York being is even being transformed into Central Perk, allowing for the ultimate fan experience. Shopping, coffee, and Friends, could we BE anymore excited??


Amber Shephard

Fairfield '20

Amber Shephard is a recent class of 2020 graduate from Fairfield University where she majored in Psychology and minored in Marketing. 
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