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Oktoberfest Recap

The Grape was a sea of dirndls and lederhosens at Oktoberfest last Saturday –  which was a huge success! This senior event gave Fairfield collegiettes a chance to dress up, drink beer, and celebrate the German festival. Any event that involves dressing up in a cute costume is an event you can count all collegiettes in for!

At the event there was cider and, of course, tons of beer for everyone to enjoy because… is it really Oktoberfest without unlimited beer? It was also impossible to go hungry because there were pretzels and bratwurst to snack on, getting everyone in the ~Oktoberfest spirit~. The DJ at The Grape, had collegiettes dancing the day away and having a great time with the rest of the senior class.

Oktoberfest allowed people who had gone abroad to relive the experience all over again, but with the rest of their classmates here at Fairfield – making it all the more special! Of course, the event was documented with tons of photos dressed in our dirndls. Oktoberfest is definitely an ~Insta worthy~ event!

Between the drinking, dancing, and eating, everyone was exhausted by the time the event was over, and that was a wrap. Until next year – prost, Stags!


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