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Not So Dumb Blondes: Our Favorite Blonde Movie Characters

Blondes. They have the reputation of being dumb and not quite as quick as everyone else. As a brunette, I can’t tell you what that’s like. But, what I can tell you is that Elle Woods has been my role model since I was little. I mean, come on, she’s an icon.

So, to celebrate all you blondies out there, here’s a list of our favorite blonde bombshells on the big screen that defy the odds and show everyone who’s boss.

1. Elle Woods

My personal favorite blonde to ever have a lead role in a movie. Not only does she have the best breakup revenge by getting into Harvard (sorry Warner), but she studies her butt off and helps solve a murder case – all while looking pretty in pink. What, like it’s hard?

2. Carrie Bradshaw

The queen of the concrete jungle herself. Bradshaw is a successful writer and has an amazing girl squad. She is ambitious and even when her marriage falls through, she doesn’t let it stop her from being the girl boss she is.

3. Cinderella

This beauty showed us all what true love was and that our Prince Charming is out there. Even when her evil stepmother treated her horribly, she stayed true to herself, her friends, and the dream her heart made.

4. Cher

As if we would forget about this lovable blondie! First off, her closet is amazing. But more importantly, she helps two teachers fall in love and the new girl become popular. Plus, when she realizes how much she’s into Josh, she awkwardly (but successfully) tries to win his heart. Is there anything she can’t do?

5. Regina George

I know what you’re thinking: “a mean girl, really?” Yes, really. Regina had an undeniable confidence and basically the whole school in the palm of her hand. Although things didn’t totally work out for her in the end, you can’t blame a girl for wanting to be the head of the pack (but being mean in order to get there is so ~not fetch~).

6. Sandy

Tell me about it, stud. This babe is the ultimate sweetheart turned badass. She stole America’s heart, and Danny Zuko’s, because of her charming personality. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that she has a killer voice and wardrobe.

7. Bridget Jones

This woman is the definition of relatable. When her life was a mess, she finally decided to clean up her act in pursuit of her Mr. Right. She’s constantly torn between two men and trying to figure out who’s the real deal. Of course, she eventually gets her happy ending with her perfect guy. You go girl!

8. Leigh Ann Tuohy

You do not want to mess with this blondie or her family. Leigh Ann stands up for what she believes and will do anything to make sure things are fair, especially for her kids. She stays true to her faith and gives back to her community. Leigh Ann is totally #momgoals and we love her for it.


Jennie is a sophomore Communication major at Fairfield University. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Fairfield! You can usually find her typing away on her laptop, blasting Drake, with an iced coffee by her side.
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