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North West Fends Off Paparazzi Like A Boss

In a world where celebrities just want to live their everyday lives (and go to ballet practice in peace), sometimes paparazzi just don’t know when to lay off. North West, the adorable 20-month-old daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, has had enough of the paparazzi following her everywhere and taking her pictures.

A video has surfaced on Twitter of the adorable child leaving her practice in a tutu, holding the hand of a woman who is not Kim (presumably her nanny/babysitter). As she is strutting her stuff, she says the words “no pictures” to the many paparazzi that are filming and photographing her walk. The woman holding her hand repeats the words to the paparazzi, which caused reality to set in.

I can’t tell whether this video was heart breaking because of the fact that North can’t simply live her life, or if it was just plain adorable. Unfortunately, North will always have this attention, whether she likes it or not. However, her incredible ~sass~ will help her fend off the paparazzi, or at least continue to make for adorable videos.



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