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Niche Jobs That May Speak to You

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fairfield chapter.

Whether you are looking for a life-long career, a fun summer job, or a way to bring in a little extra money, there are a ton of often overlooked jobs that you should consider. Her Campus has found a few of these often underrated jobs that may speak to some of you.

First off, if you have a love for fitness and want to share your love with others, consider being a personal trainer. In general, a lot of employers like to see a certification of CPR and First Aid, but other than that there are usually no additional education requirements. You can even look to the RecPlex here on campus for a job similar to this, such as a job as a Spin instructor. 

If you have good organizational skills and like planning, you should consider being an event planner. There are no formal requirements, but many event planners have bachelor’s degrees in business and communications, as well as certifications in event planning, hospitality and management. If you are okay with a more time-consuming job and want to make some money right after college, this is a good option for you. 

Lastly, if you are interested in environmental science, you could become a park ranger. Depending on the park, you will need varying levels of education. State and city rangers usually need just a high school diploma. This is a great way to gain valuable education in the field while making money. To be a park ranger at a national park you will need a four year degree and experience in the field. It is an incredibly competitive job but if you are passionate about nature it is very rewarding. 

Hopefully this has inspired you to look beyond normal jobs to make money and follow your passions. 

XO Kara

Kara Eckert

Fairfield '26

Kara Eckert is a writer and editor for the Careers and Networking section at the Fairfield University chapter. She writes about ways to kick start your career while attending college and about opportunities for networking around campus. She is dedicated to helping Fairfield students learn about new strategies and opportunities for building a fulfilling career. Kara is a double major in International Studies and Spanish and has a minor in Humanitarian Action. She takes lots of course work that involves writing and editing- which is why she loves Her Campus! Outside of Fairfield, Kara loves skiing and hiking and you can find her in the mountains during breaks from school. She also loves a day trip into New York City to explore the museums. Most notably though, Kara loves shopping!