New York Fashion Week 2015 Trends

Most girls obsess over the creativity shown during New York Fashion Week, but it can be hard to translate the trends from the runway to your everyday life. Even though you wouldn’t find yourself picking out an Alexander McQueen ball gown to wear to your 8 AM math class, you can still incorporate the trends from this year’s NYFW 2015 runway to your wardrobe.

1. Alexander McQueen’s Two Piece Set

Two-piece sets have become all the rage this summer. Having two identical pieces will always make you look put together, even when you’re in a hurry.

2. Gucci’s Lace Dress

A lace dress automatically looks classy and chic. Paired with lace-up flats, this girly dress is transformed into an edgy look.

3. Alexander McQueen’s Peacoat

Peacoats are all the rage for fall. They’re super fashionable all while keeping you warm. Want a more price friendly option? You can find an affordable (but still high quality) coat at stores like Express or Loft.

4. Tom Ford’s Black On Black

You can never go wrong with dressing in black from head to toe. It’s instantly slimming and very chic.

5. Alexander McQueen’s Leather Jacket

Throw a leather jacket over any outfit to add some drama!

6. Erdem’s Floral Print

With this fashion week showcasing designers’ spring collections, we expect to see an array of floral prints. And we don’t hate it. When it comes to springtime, florals are always a must, but the trend also translates to fall. Muted floral prints are perfect for a fall outfit.

7. J.W. Anderson’s Bold Boots

8. Erdem’s Maxi Skirt and Long Sleeves

You don’t have to put your maxi skirts away after summertime, throw on some long sleeves and you have an instant fall outfit.

9. Balenciaga’s Sweater and Skirt Combo 

Adding a sweater to a skirt is a great way to combine fall with your favorite summer skirt.

10. Louis Vuitton’s Leather Pants


Pleather pants are another great way to add an edgy spin to any outfit. We love how this Louis Vuitton look adds a feminine flare by pairing the leather pants with a white floral top.