“Netflix Has a New Christmas Series and we Couldn’t be More Excited”

Happy December, Collegiettes! Now that Thanksgiving is over, we can officially focus all of our attention on the Holidays. What better way to kick off the holiday season than to watch Netflix’s new series, Merry Happy Whatever

 Naturally, we watched it as soon as it aired, (this is what I spent my entire Sunday back at school doing since my parents dropped me off ASAP because of the weather), and it was honestly really good! The plotline itself is about the Quin Family and its four children, all of whom are fully grown adults and married, or about to be. The youngest daughter, Emmy, brings home her boyfriend Matt from L.A. to Pennsylvania to meet her family for the first time. The most important member of the family, Don Quin, the dad, is not happy that she has fallen in love with someone that lives so far away from home, and over the course of their 10-day holiday stay, he does everything in his power to try to make Emmy want to stay at home. Without giving too much away, the story was overall really good and pulled at your heartstrings a lot with the different characters and what they were going through, as well as the “outlaw’s” take on what it was like to be married into a family with such crazy traditions.

 The show itself is only one season long and has 8 episodes, each about 25-30 minutes long, so it’s a great one to watch with your roommates to get you in the holiday spirit, or to watch with your family over break! My mom has a slight addiction to all of the Hallmark Christmas movies, so this would fit right in her lane! Plus, two of our all-time favorite Disney actresses, Bridget Mendler and Ashley Tisdale are playing two of the siblings, so what’s not to like about it? 

 Have a great holiday season, Collegiettes! See you in January after a much needed Winter Break, and good luck on Finals!