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My Fave restaurants in Fairfield

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fairfield chapter.

We are always excited when the weekend comes and, finally, a chance to catch up with friends and have fun! Sometimes it’s hard to pick a place everyone wants and end up going to the same place repeatedly. Fairfield has many fun restaurants to choose from; let’s talk about some of my favorite places! 

  1. Reef Shack https://www.reefshackffld.com/menus/food-new-menu-ordering?location=fairfield

257 Reef Road

WOW, is the first word that comes to mind for this place. I am a New York native and grew up going to the bodega ordering a baconeggandcheese(yes, one word always)– a New York staple. It was until Reef Shack that I knew I could get a good breakfast sandwich in Fairfield. This place has by far the best baconeggandcheese sandwich outside of NYC I have EVER had. This staple breakfast sandwich is served on a freshly baked roll and comes out piping hot. Not only is the food absolutely amazing, but so is the staff. My boyfriend and I have become usuals at this spot and have learned to know everyone’s name. Reef Shack is home to some of the best staff. They are kind, talkative, and overall good people. PLEASE go and get yourself a baconeggandcheese here. You will not be sorry.

My rating is 11/10.

  1. Flipside Burgers & Bar https://www.flipsiderestaurant.com/

1125 Post Road – $$

Flipside has always been one of my favorite restaurants in Fairfield; the burgers are absolutely delicious and always cooked perfectly. Prior to going, I suggest calling and making a reservation. I start with an appetizer. Usually, the fried zucchini comes in this small little basket with a side of ranch. It’s a perfect and easy share if you are on a date or with a few friends! As for my entree, my usual order is the Mac n Cheese burger; it comes with a single patty, American cheese, bacon, pico de gallo, and bacon. The flavors come to life as soon as you take the first bite and fill your stomach with joy. And if you have room for dessert, I highly recommend the chocolate milkshake with Oreos; it is so delicious, and they can split it into two cups if you want to share! 

My rating 10/10

  1. Ginkgo Sichuan Cuisine http://www.ginkgoct.com/

923 Post Road – $$

Ginkgo Sichuan Cuisine is one of the hidden gems in Fairfield’s restaurant scene. It is in a small inlet tucked away into the end corner. If you want to have authentic Chinese food, this is 100% the place to go. This is definitely a favorite dinner place, especially if you want to just go on a casual date. There are almost never any college kids there, and it’s a cute, relaxing type of vibe. You don’t typically need a reservation here; you can just walk in, which is a huge plus! My go-to orders are the Chengdu cold-style noodles, fried rice, chicken with broccoli, and General Tsao’s chicken. I usually go with my boyfriend. We pick a few of these dishes and split them. Almost always, there is enough food or even more than enough. Another one of my favorites at Ginkgo is that they serve fresh and hot Chinese tea. It is delicious to pair this tea with your meals; it serves as a palate cleanser. I highly recommend this restaurant to any Chinese food lovers, and maybe if you’re planning on going on a date, check this place out:) 

My rating 10/10

  1. Craft 260 https://craft260.com/

260 Post Road  – $$

This restaurant is home to one of the most delicious burgers I have ever tasted. I have never had a bad experience/meal at this place – it really is that good. If you have never been to Craft 260, grab a couple of friends and go check it out; it is a perfect place to go out to eat with friends. Now let’s talk dishes. My favorite app is Craft nachos; this is a pretty large plate, so I suggest sharing it with two or more people! Sometimes I order the nachos and another app: the chicken wings in the bourbon maple sauce, and boom, that is my meal. Other times I just go with a burger. I typically get the American Class Burger. It is rich in flavor and mouth-wateringly delicious!!  The last time I went to Craft 260 was on a date, and the bill was super affordable– I recommend for well-priced and fantastic meals! If you have a large party for a weekend dinner, I suggest calling and making a reservation. Otherwise, if it’s just two people on a Sunday or weekday, you can just walk-in with no problems!

My rating 9/10

  1. Sonia’s Gourmet Kitchen  https://sgkfairfield.com/menu

881 Post Road – $$

A lot of people don’t know Sonia’s, so let me put you on! This is a cute little restaurant in the same inlet as Ginkgo. You wouldn’t expect much because it’s in a small inlet, but it’s a different story as soon as you walk in. This is an excellent spot to try if you like pasta and pizza dishes. The prices are reasonable, the staff is kind, and the food is delicious. My favorite pasta dishes are the Angel Hair Pasta and Penne Pesto Chicken. Even thinking about it is making my mouth water; it is that good. I really like Sonia’s as a restaurant for a cute date night! It also serves as a perfect place to take your parents during family weekends; it’s a good scene for family dinners. For this place, I suggest making a reservation in advance for weekend dinner plans and big parties!

My rating 8/10

The next time you wanna go out with your friends, try one of these restaurants and have fun!! It never hurts to try something new. YAY:)

XO Luiza

Luiza Sperling

Fairfield '24

Luiza Sperling is a content writer for Her Campus’s Fairfield University chapter. She contributed by pitching new article ideas for mental health, reading, and fitness. She also includes recommendations for the Fairfield area. She is a Senior at Fairfield University majoring in English with a concentration in creative writing with minors in Judaic Studies and Editing and publishing. This summer, Luiza studied abroad in Greece for four weeks, taking a travel writing course focusing on writing from a traveler’s perspective, not in a touristic way. She wrote about her experiences with food, entertainment, and culture in the various cities she visited in Greece. In addition to writing, Luiza enjoys reading romance novels, watching movies, going for walks, and spending time with friends and family. You will learn more about Luiza as she writes about what she loves: books, mental health, and pop culture. She is obsessed with music, specifically Brazilian- Funk and rom-com movies.