“Movies with Galentine’s Day Energy”

Ladies, we all know that no matter if you have a S.O. or are single, Galentine’s day with your girls can be a lot of fun. It’s a time to come together with your closest friends and celebrate! With that in mind, here are some of our top picks on movies with major Galentine’s day energy you can watch. 


Someone Great-

This movie is personally one of my absolute favorites. It’s about a girl who just got dumped after being with her boyfriend for about 9 years, and how her two best friends come together, and they have an amazing night. The soundtrack is amazing too, with a lot of Lizzo songs so it’s definitely a feel-good movie! 



Bridesmaids is another iconic movie to watch with the girls. The cast alone is amazing and leaves you laughing even when the movie ends. The movie starts out with not all of the bridesmaids knowing each other, but by the end they all come together.


Pitch Perfect-

Any of the three Pitch Perfect movies are hilarious. The music is great, and they’ll leave you singing them for days. These movies are so good and if you’ve never seen them, we really recommend them! 



Clueless is another oldie but a goodie. It’s one we’ve all watched with our friends at one point in time or another, and even if you’ve seen it 100 times, you can always throw it on in the background if you’re catching up with college friends you haven’t seen since winter break (following COVID-19 restrictions of course). 


These were just some of our top picks for this year, and if you’ve seen all of them before there’s still so many similar movies out there! Whether you’re having a night in, drinking wine and catching up with friends or just staying in with your roommates, you definitely cannot go wrong with any of these. Happy Galentine’s Day, Collegiettes!