Meet Campus Cuties: The Walsh Triplets, Kevin, Matt, and Kevin

Meet Campus Cuties: The Walsh Triplets, Kevin, Matt, and Kevin!

Year: 2019

Kevin (1): First of all, I’d like to say that it’s absolutely absurd that it took Her Campus three years to find us, we’re so cute.


Kevin (1): Finance & Economics

Matt: Finance

Kevin (2): Marketing


Relationship Status:

Kevin (1): Single, finding someone to return my phone calls.

Matt: Pass.

Kevin (2): Exploring.


HC: Best and worst part about being on the golf team?

Kevin (1): Best part is the guys. Worst part is Kellen and everything else associated with the team.

Matt: Best part was meeting Parker but more importantly meeting Maddie (Parker’s girlfriend) through him.

Kevin (2): Best part was Parker, worst part is Kellen.


HC: What is it like being a triplet?

Kevin (1): You get to share the best and the worst times with your best buds.

Matt: I love getting mixed up identity wise.

Kevin (1): Yeah when people call me Matt it gets me going.

Kevin (2): I like when people call us by our last name because they can't tell.


HC: Why did your Mom name two of you Kevin?

Kevin (2): I wasn't expected; I was a surprise and she really likes the name Kevin.


HC: Where do you spend most of your time at Fairfield?

Kevin(1): Sometimes we go back to Kotska 355, and pop out the screen.

Matt: Safe spaces, like our home.

Kevin (2): Gym.


HC: What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done?

Kevin (2): Pass. I don’t do embarrassing things.     

Matt: Whenever I’m at a party and I talk to Kellen and people see.

Kevin (1): Sustaining a severe concussion freshman year on Halloween by walking into a wall while wearing a penguin costume.


HC: Any special talents?

Kevin (1): I can chug milk so quickly, only 2% though.

Matt: I can really hold a conversation.

Kevin (2): I can make a very nice bed.


HC: Where do you see yourself after graduation?

Kevin (1): Regis.

Matt: I think after graduation I’m finally going to meet my stagmate.

Kevin (2): I’m never graduating, I’m starting over.


HC: Let’s get serious here Kevin Duncan, if you had to pick a Walsh twin, which one would it be?

Kevin Duncan: I would pick their older brother John.

HC: No which twin would you pick?!

Kevin Duncan: I guess Kevin, he has a cool name.