Meet Campus Cuties: Peter Horn and Pat O'Leary '19

This week’s campus cuties have a bit of a questionable bromance going on but they sure do look good in baseball pants. Meet Peter Horn and Pat O’Leary.


Pete: Accounting

Pat: Business Info Systems


Pete: StamVegas (Stamford), CT ​

Pat: Fairfield, CT

Relationship Status:

Pete: Taken by Pat

Pat: We sleep five feet away from each other so…Just kidding we have wifeys

HC: What position do you play for Fairfield University Stag’s baseball team?

Pete: Pitcher

Pat: Catcher….

Pat: No pitcher

HC: What is the best and worst part about being on the baseball team?

Pete: Worst is spending 20 hours a week with Gambo, best part drinking with the boys after a long week.

Pat: Worst is study hall, best part is waking up at 9 a.m. every morning.

HC: How is the party scene at Townhouse 115?

Pete: People everywhere, it's always packed.  

Pat: Really diverse, sophomores working the doors; Matt Ferrerio get off my recliner.

HC: On a scale of 1 to 10 how clean would you say your room is right now? (10 being the cleanest)

Pete: 10

Pat: 10, I just cleaned this room today.

HC: Who is the messiest teammate living in your townhouse?

Pete: Pat

Pat: Bob

Pete: Def Bob, he is the most disgusting one in here.

HC: Worst part about having the other person for a roommate?

Pete: He’s always facetiming wifey, I’m sick of it.

Pat: Seeing his fat a** all day. (That’s also the best part.)

HC: Describe yourself in three words…

Pete:, responsible (definitely not), interesting. 

Pat: responsible (also definitely not), I don’t know Pete what did you second let me look up some words.

Pete: She’s writing everything.

Pat: I am interesting.

Pete: That’s my word.

Pat: Positive, patient, understanding.

Pete: You’re not understanding.

Pat: Why don’t you think I’m understanding, I’m trying to understand you right now.

**Pat is still looking up words.**

Pat: I’m also inventive.

HC: If we were to ask your girlfriends how they would describe you what do you think they would say?

Pete: Teddy bear.

HC: Needy maybe?

Pete: Yeah...pure savage.

HC: Definitely not.

Pete: Also has a soft spot.

Pat: Caring…(Wait Pete what did you say?) I don’t know what else.

HC: What is the nicest thing you’ve done for a girl?

**Very long pause**

Pete: Checked in on my girlfriend when she was having a rough day with a long text.

Pat: Cuddled with my girlfriend when she was sick.

HC: Pete what is the best and worst thing about going to the same school as your girlfriend and Pat what is the best and worst thing about NOT going to the same school as your girlfriend?

Pete: Worst is that it's stressful. She's an added part to my already packed schedule. (Always wants to go to dinner somewhere, go to some party, literally wants wants to do something) Best part is always having someone to talk to and a best friend on campus.

Pat: Best part is getting to see each other after a long time and worst is the six hour drive to see her.

HC: What is the most embarrassing thing you've seen the other do?

Pete: Pat jumped off and broke a table in Claver last semester.

Pat: My phone background which is Pete’s a** in Harkin’s face.

HC: If you were stranded on an island and could only have three people or things with you what would you want?

Pete: Alexis, Pat, and to start off water...actually take off Pat and put my iPhone with a portable charger.

HC: That would be 4 items.

Pete: Then take off Alexis.

Pat: My girlfriend, a boat, food; that’s pretty important.

HC: What do you see yourself doing after graduation?

Pete: Reef Road for my masters degree in accounting then heading back to Vegas.

Pat: Reef Road then working locally.