Meet Campus Cuties: Freshmen Tennis Edition

Look out Fairfield Ladies! Meet this week's adorable Campus Cuties, Freshmen Lewis Edwards and Allan Magid, fresh off the FU Tennis team. Besides their charming personalities and good looks, they also enjoy playing Tennis, hanging out with friends and making people laugh. Get to know these cuties!

Lewis Edwards, Freshman

Major: Business Undecided

Allan Magid, Freshman

Major: Business Undecided


Lewis: Bridgemont, Australia

Allan: Brooklyn, New York

Relationship Status:

Lewis: Soulmates.

Allan: Nah nah nah no.

Lewis: Fine, fine, single and ready to mingle.

Allan: Single as a pringle.

HC: How did you guys meet?

Allan: We texted each other and then we decided to meet up at the Quick Center before orientation...I walked in and saw this tall dude sitting in a little chair and I go “Are you Lewis?” and he goes “Are you Allan?” and then we tried to do a high five…

Lewis: Yea it didn’t quite work out at was in between a fist bump and a high five and I went for the bump and he went for the bump and I went for the five and then I was intimidated because he was real big and like really strong and then I was trying to to be funny and he just...he wasn’t laughing.

Allan: I had to test him out.

HC: What’s the worst and best part about being on the tennis team?

Allan: The best part is definitely having your teammates.

Lewis: Yea the guys are easily the best part.

Allan: The worst part is uhhhh...just like practice schedules…like balancing academics and athletics.

Lewis: Yea it sucks when you have to study after being exhausted from practice.

HC: Who has a better serve?

Lewis: Me *Winks*.

Allan: I have the faster serve.

Lewis: Allan’s is way better than mine...a lot faster.

Allan: But Lewis places it well.

HC: What has been the most difficult adjustment that came along with starting school at Fairfield?

Allan: Actually going to school...haha...because I went to online school.

Lewis: Meeting new people, but it’s worked out pretty well.

HC: Describe each other in three words.

Allan: Australian, sweet, uhh...the third one is big.

Lewis: Wow I’m so boring aren’t I?

Allan: Extremely funny!

Lewis: I was gonna use that! Well Allan’s super chill, kind (like he’s not sweet he’s just good to everyone), and he’s loyal, very loyal.

HC: What do you feel is your best feature?

Lewis: My eyebrows.

Allan: I don’t know...can I say body?

HC: Wow that’s bold.

Allan: Okay I got it, my personality (mind=blown).

HC: So cuffing season is fast approaching, any plans?

*looks at each other*

Lewis: What season?

HC: Do you know what that is? ~*explains*~

Lewis: Oh no no my plans are not to cuff anyone.

Allan: We ain’t about that life.

Lewis: Well maybe a couple cuffs at the same time.

Allan: We are ready for drafting season...we have many prospects.

HC: First thing you notice in a girl?

Lewis: Eyes...definitely the eyes.

Allan: Face.

HC: What is one thing you’ve done to get a girl’s attention?

Lewis: Speak.

Allan: Introduce Lewis.

HC: So you get a girl by introducing Lewis? That’s sad...

Allan: What?! I go “guess where he’s from?” and it's like automatic.

Lewis: Hey, his success is pretty high.

Lewis: No actually I like to play with a girl and make her think I don’t want her and it makes her want me even every time. *deviously smiles*

Allan: I’m a nice guy...I don't play mind games...I’m a nice guy.

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