Meet Campus Cuties: Ben Nelligan and Chris Capparis 19’

Meet Campus Cuties: Ben Nelligan and Chris Capparis 19’

Year: 2019

Ben: Bioengineering
Chris: English-Professional Writing

Ben: Newtown Square, Pennsylvania
Chris: Chatham, New Jersey

Relationship Status:
Ben: In a relationship. 
Chris: Single...ready to mingle.

HC: What are you involved with here at Fairfield?
Ben: Swimming and Diving.
Chris: Swim Team.

HC: What was your first impression of each other?
Ben: I thought this kid dyed his hair with highlights.
Chris: I thought he looked like prince charming, actually a clown with his hair.

HC: Any perks of being on the swim team?
Ben: Having to wake up and swim everyday.
Chris: Early worm gets the bird.
Ben: Early BIRD… and you’re an English major?
Chris: Right early bird gets the worm.
Chris: Getting to hang with Nelligan everyday.

HC: Ben, I heard you have the best hair flow on campus, any thoughts on that?
Ben: No comment...actually Devin Carnevale cut his because mine was better.
Chris: Absolutely not true.

HC: Chris, what made you decide to major in English? Are people surprised by this when you tell them?
Chris: I just wasn't passionate about marketing and I’ve always liked to write. I constantly get made fun of for it though and get asked what I’m going to do with an English degree.

HC: What is your best feature?
Ben: My loving personality.
Chris: My hair.
Ben: He always checks it out in his Snapchats before sending them.

HC: If you could be anyone in the world who would it be and why?
Ben: Dan Bilzerian, the professional poker player, because he enjoys the finer things in life.
Chris: Probably Will Carlin because he is doing freshman year better than anyone I have ever seen.

HC: Describe your ideal girl and do you think you will find her somewhere here at Fairfield?
Chris: Athletic, smart, has to be able to hold a conversation. I hope she is at Fairfield but we will find out in the next few years.

HC: What are you going to miss most about Fairfield while you are home this summer?
Ben: Communal bathrooms, definitely shower parties with the guys.
Chris: Definitely the parties and the girls. (The women’s soccer team)

HC: What are you looking forward to next semester?
Ben: Core classes.
Chris: Attending women’s soccer games, and living it up with Nelligan. Actually trying out for the golf team.