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Meet Brendan Tracy ’16

Sophomore baseball player Brendan Tracy ’16 could possibly be the cutest Fairfield guy, both on & off the field  His courteous manner and eye-catching smile makes this cutie impossible to go unnoticed. 


Name: Brendan Tracy

Year: 2016

Hometown: East Providence, Rhode Island

Major: Finance

Relationship Status: Single


On the field

Her Campus: What is your favorite aspect about being part of the Fairfield baseball team?

Brendan Tracy: Isn’t it obvious? For the girls.


HC: What position do you play?

BT: First base.


HC: Does the team have any traditions or rituals?

BT: We’ve recently been playing the song “#SELFIE” before every game.


Off the field

HC: What is your favorite activity or hobby during your free time?

BT: Bird-watching, eating, and listening to tunes.


HC: Where is your favorite vacation place?

BT: To date, it’s either Sweden or Minnesota.


HC: What is your go-to meal in Barone?

BT: Cap’n Crunch.


HC: Who is your celebrity crush?

BT: Leo, he’s so hot right now.


HC: What are some qualities you look for in a girl?

BT: Honestly, a nice set of eyes will win me over.

Catie is a business student studying both Finance and Management at Fairfield University. She is an outgoing & energetic Jersey girl who tries to have a positive attitude and bring out the fun in any situation. Catie loves sports, beach days and is very passionate about baking. Follow her on Instagram @catiedolan & Twitter @cdolann ! 
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