Marc Jacobs Makes Shopping Easy with Instagram

Many retailers and Instagram influencers struggle with making money from product on their Instagram social channels. The app does not allow for clickable links on posts, despite the number of companies that have attempted to overturn this. The absence of a feature for vendors to sell product directly through Instagram really affects companies business, so many are investigating different ways to cut a profit from their popular posts on the social app. Marc Jacobs is attempting to solve this problem, and the designer has just released  a solution to make beauty products shoppable on Instagram.

Marc Jacobs makes it simple and easy for us to scroll through Instagram and purchase his latest beauty products with his new shoppable tool. Any photo you ‘like’ with the hash tag #SHOPMJB will be sent to you via email to shop and enjoy. It’s a creative mechanism for turning the brand’s major following into sales.

You can sign up here by entering your email address and Instagram handle.