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Make-up Essentials: Spring Break Edition

Attention collegiettes: FACES Beautiful has everything you will need to survive your spring break extravaganza! We sat down and asked Gail Sagel, makeup artist and creator of FACES Beautiful, everything you need to know. 

Her Campus: What kind of makeup is perfect for all of our spring break activities that will keep our skin gorgeous and bronzed?  Gail Sagel: The Mineral Sheer Tint and BB Cream are perfect to pull your skin tones together after a long day of tanning! They both will protect with SPF, and moisturize for day and night.  These lightweight tinted moisturizers are perfect for over your sun-kissed skin.  

HC: And, how do you get that sun-glow look?GS: It’s in a little tube, called Candle Glow. It’s a sheer liquid that you can apply anywhere from your cheeks to all over your legs for a gorgeous, healthy radiance. And it doesn’t come off on your sheets ladies, so it will be our little secret.  

HC: We’re also not going anywhere without our black eye pencil and mascara! GS: A nice black eyeliner and good mascara cannot be forgotten even when you’re traveling. The Superwear Gel Liner and Lush Mascara is essential to transform a beachy day look to a gorgeous look for a night out on the town (or island). To make your eyes pop to their max, pair your eye liner and mascara with light shimmery eye shadows like this Provocative Shadow or Blush Nude. It’s a total must! And to finish off your total spring break look, add some flirty Barely Pink Lip gloss for a pop of color because you know every girl loves her lip gloss!

FACES Beautiful has got you covered ladies on your make-up survival kit for Spring Break 2k15! Take them with you to whatever island you will be partying on! 

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