MAC’s Basic B*tch Palette

From Dolce & Gabbana to Moschino, Milan Fashion Week is currently making moves. The most anticipated fashion event of the year started on February 22, and countless designers are showcasing their newest designs on the Italian stage. Not only do we see new fashion trends, but also a behind the scenes look at new makeup trends coming this year.

Netta Szekely and Angelo Rauseoa, MAC Senior Makeup Artist and MAC National Artist are at Milan Fashion Week prepping the models. These two artists teased the world with pictures and videos of the new eyeshadow palette, “Basic Bitch”, on their Instagram’s. Szekely states that these 9 shades, with colors ranging from a deep plum called “Hell In Heels” to a metallic lilac called “Tattle-Tale,” are all new shades and textures. The long rectangular palette also features a bigger pan of a light pink shimmery shade, which we can assume is a blush/highlight. With eyeshadow names like Me Me Me, Ms. Personality, and Hell in Heels, this new MAC palette is definitely NOT Basic.

The palette was only posted on Szekely’s Instagram a week ago, so no launch date has been set yet. But with the warm plum and deep silver eyeshadow shades, we can assume that it will come out this fall.