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Kraft Recalls Thousands of Mac and Cheese Boxes, Hearts Break Across College Campuses

Sad news for all you mac ‘n cheese comfort food lovers:  Kraft is doing us dirty with a newly imposed recall of 242,000 cases of its golden deliciousness’s. *commence massive amount of tears*

Why would they do this to us? Couldn’t they have been more careful? Don’t they know this is a staple of all broke college students ever?! Although this news is devastating, they had a valid reason for pulling about 6.5 million boxes off of the shelves; a total of 8 customers contacted the company over finding concerning metal pieces inside of their Kraft Mac & Cheeeses. 

Kraft spokesperson, Joyce Hodel stated that the company is taking the situation very, very seriously, “It is helpful when people provide information that can help us investigate what could have happened. We have rigorous quality and food safety processes and controls in place, but if we need to take any actions based on everything we know, we will not hesitate to do the right thing.”

If you’re still here with me and not crying your own local river or pond, then please hear me out for just a little bit longer okay? We’ll get through this together! 

Here’s what you need to know to keep your sanity:- Refunds for the recalled Mac n Cheese are available to customers.- Below is a guide to what the recalled boxes should look like. (CHECK YO PANTRIES)
– Recalled boxes were only of “original” flavor.- All “shaped” pastas are in the clear. ( ie. Spongebob, TMNT, etc.)- Recalled boxes were sold in the U.S. and numerous other countries, excluding Canada because…Canada??

We all know J.Biebs and Drake are together giggling, huddling over a giant vat of unrecalled Kraft Mac n Cheese, but in the meantime let’s keep our Kraft Spirals safe America. Let’s protect our cheesy rights and always be weary of what we are actually consuming! 

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