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Kanye West Releases New Album, The Life of Pablo

After what seemed like forever, Kanye finally released the much-anticipated album called The Life of Pablo after his spine-chilling performance of “Ultralight Beam” on Saturday Night Live last Saturday.

But here’s the catch-it’s only streaming on Tidal… drag. 

Don’t get any ideas about buying it somewhere else because rap-music investor Martin Shkreli (one of the most hated men in America according to hip-hop enthusiasts) couldn’t even buy it for $15 million dollars. 

Ye’s new album is full of a wide-range of honest, captivating songs and it’s definitely worth downloading the Tidal app even if you delete it after the free 30 day trial.

Kanye definitely wouldn’t be upset if you subscribed to it though, especially since he’s apparently in 53 million dollars of debt. 

Kanye has always been daring with his word choices in his past albums but he takes his boldness to a whole new level in Life of Pablo. There was even (another) Swift-West controversy because of this line in “Famous”:

I feel like me and Taylor might still have s*x/Why? I made that b&%$! famous

Even if you don’t like Kanye you must like Rihanna, Frank Ocean, Kid Cudi, Chance the Rapper, The- Dream, Young Thug, or André 3000 who are all featured on his album.

If you don’t feel like downloading the app, The Life of Pablo is being sold for $20 on tidal.com



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