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Instagram’s Addicting New App: Boomerang

“It’s not a photo. It’s not a gif. It’s Boomerang,” writes social media platform Instagram on their blog. So what exactly is Boomerang? It’s an external app, similar to Instagram’s Hyperlapse and Layout that enables you to create short video loops.

The app is incredibly user-friendly– with the press of a button you take five pictures over the course of a second, which are then stitched together to create a video loop that plays forwards and backwards, and is automatically saved to your phone.

By introducing Boomerang, Instagram is hopping on the GIF bandwagon. This year Facebook enabled users to set a GIF as their profile picture, and there are a multitude of apps that enable anyone to make GIFs quickly and easily.

What will you make with Boomerang? 

Originally from Boston, Caroline is a sophomore International Studies major and French minor at Fairfield University. She is a News Editor for Her Campus Fairfield as well as the Twitter Account Manager. When not hitting the books you can find her talking about cats and over posting on Instagram as @wiccancool.
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