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If Disney Characters Were Fairfield Girls

1. CinderellaCinderella would definitely love Prez ball. You’d find her out on the floor looking for Prince Charming, uncomfortable heels in hand.

2. AuroraAurora would be the girl who would always be falling asleep in class, falling asleep in Barone, or even falling asleep when out with friends. Someone get this girl a cup of coffee!

3. Snow WhiteSnow White would have a different boy on her arm every weekend, whether she’s giggling at what they say in Barone or kissing them in a townhouse. Always surrounded by men, this princess needs her options!

4. BelleBelle would be the student who practically lives in Club DiMenna. And when she isn’t working towards her 4.0, she has her nose buried in a thick book, much too busy for college boy’s shenanigans. She’s an English major and loves to write. She’d probably be a star writer for Her Campus, too! 

5. PocahontasPochahontas would be the girl who is trying her best to make a difference in the world, whether it’s creating a club to save the whales or organizing a cleanup at Fairfield beach. She’s earthy, loves to work out and her favorite meal is salad. 

6.  ArielAriel would be the girl who’s all over the place, involved in many clubs (especially Glee club) and activities because she wants to experience all there is at Fairfield. She’s very curious and is always searching for more in life, which means she may complain a lot. She also rocks crop tops like nobody else you know.

7. MulanMulan would the girl who puts her entire heart into all that she does. She is passionate about gender equality and defines herself as a feminist. She’s an engineering major, she knows that women can do anything

8. ElsaElsa would be the only girl at Fairfield who is still holding out for more snow, when the rest of us can’t wait until spring finally comes. Let it go, Elsa! While most of us enjoy Netflixing in the winter, she is on the ski team and loves sledding down the hill by the library.

9.  JasmineJasmine would be the wealthy girl who doesn’t flaunt it. She isn’t one for brand names, nor does she mention her family’s fortune. Also, she’s probably the only person you know who’s completely mastered winged eyeliner.

Aileen is a senior communication major and marketing minor who resides in Westchester, NY. She is a Executive Features Editor at Her Campus Fairfield and loves online shopping, snuggling with her dog, and working out. the Follow her on Instagram @aklindy!
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