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If The Cast of Jersey Shore Went To College

They’ve been to Jersey, Miami, and Italy, but now your favorite guidos and guidettes are headed to college! If the cast of Jersey Shore went to college, they would definitely throw the best parties and have GTL trending. But what would they major in?


  1. Veterinarian: Nicole “Snooki”

Besides being the tannest guidette in the game, Snooki is also one of the most caring house members. Her unconditional love for everyone in the house would make her a great veterinarian. She’s also known to be an animal lover, if you couldn’t already tell from her obsession with Crocadilly.  


  1. Marketing: Mike “The Situation”

Mike can sell anything. He even marked himself on the show as “The Situation,” giving himself his own brand. His confident personality would make him the perfect fit for a career in marketing.


  1. Criminal Justice: Jenni “JWOW”

Jenni is smart and she has no issue telling it how it is. It’s no secret that Jenni got into her fair share of fights on the show. Her ability to stand up to anyone without hesitation would make her a perfect fit in the criminal justice field.


  1. Music: Pauly D

He’s the original creator of the fist pump and the king of DJing. There’s no doubt that if Pauly D went to college he’d be the DJ for every frat party and major in music. There’s no better song to listen to than “T-Shirt Time” before a night of going out.


  1. Communications: Deena

Deena, half of Team Meatball, can literally talk to anyone. Her outgoing and upbeat personality makes it seem like majoring in communications is something she’s been doing for years!



  1. Exercise Science: Ronnie

You look at Ronnie and you immediately think he’s  ~juicehead~. He’d be the perfect personal trainer to help you make your protein shakes and make sure you aren’t slacking off in the gym.


  1. Pre-Law: Vinny

Fun fact: Vinny actually did go to college and majored in political science at CUNY College of Staten Island! His ability to rationalize any situation is why we would definitely hire Vinny to represent us in court.


  1. Psychology: Sammi

Even though Sammi Sweetheart is not returning to Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, if she were to go to college with the group, she’d be the best fit for the psychology program. She most certainly dealt with enough emotional distress in her relationship with Ron. She also shows her sanity by not going back into a house with her ex.



  1. College Dropout: Angelina

    UM HELLO! Angelina left Jersey and Miami, so it’s safe to say she would be the college dropout of the group. She’d have her fun, get involved in some drama, and leave before midterms even started.


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