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I Wore Sweats / No Makeup for 3 Days in a Row and this is What Happened

As the girl who is always “dressed up” to go to class, it was definitely a change for me to be the girl with ~sweatpants, hair tied, chillin’ with no makeup on~in my classes for the first half of this week. Dressing nice makes me feel more confident about myself and more put together, which is why I choose to put some makeup on and wear jeans and a nice top on the reg.

Since my friends are not used to me dressing down, lots of them were asking me if I was sick or tired. It made me feel more self-conscious and want to change into my favorite jeans and riding boots combo. When I was trying to study in the library on Monday night, I felt tired early into my studying because I felt as comfortable as I do when I’m finishing up some work before bed.

For my math quiz on Tuesday, I was not in my highest spirits. On the other hand, though, my face felt cleaner without makeup residue all over my hands while sitting bored in class and leaning my fist on my cheek. I also did not have to worry about my mascara smearing off as my eyes watered from getting sleepy during my night turbo. It was also easier to get myself to go to the gym because I did not have the excuse that my makeup was all done and I would have to ruin it to go workout.

I learned that what you wear to class all comes down to preference- it was more comfortable in a physical manner to wear sweats, but not mentally. I always tell myself, “you never know who you will run into today” and that also motivates me to dress up. I think dressing up reflects a good image of yourself to your professors as well as your peers, whether or not they realize this upfront or it subliminally enters their minds. It is definitely possible to incorporate style into a simple, comfortable outfit. I personally would still prefer dressing up for class, although I do think it is nice to sometimes dress down and be physically comfortable as well. I think on my dress down days, I’ll just stick to leggings!


I am from Long Island, New York. I currently attend Fairfield University and I am pursuing a major in Finance and minors in Mathematics and Economics. 
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