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I Tracked My Spending for a Week & Here’s What Happened

I always felt that I was pretty good with managing money. I have a savings account, so I must be really killing the game when it comes to adulthood. Some weeks are worse than others though if I am being honest. Typically, I spend an average of $120 dollars between groceries, trips to the bar, and eating out. It can be hard to track my money for certain because I usually use my credit card. However, I decided to track how much money I spent this week because I was curious to see exactly where my money goes.

Monday: This morning I was driving back to school since I was at home for the weekend. Since I was in a rush I grabbed an iced coffee and croissant from Dunkin for breakfast. It cost $4.85, which in the moment I felt was totally necessary breakfast purchase. For dinner that night it was my friend’s birthday so we went to Molto. We all split the check and paid for the birthday girl’s dinner, so I spent forty-five dollars there.

Tuesday: Since I didn’t have time to go grocery shopping on Monday, I had to eat out for breakfast. I got an acai bowl, which cost around $10. I then spent $60 at the liquor store because I got my friend a nice bottle of tequila for her birthday and a double bottle of Woodbridge Chardonnay (obviously that is completely necessary). Since it was two dollar Tuesday and your girl is always down for a great drink deal, I attended. I spent only $4 on drinks. But later, my roommates and I got Uber Eats and ordered McDonalds, which cost around $5. Uber Eats can be very convenient, yet dangerous, so beware collegiettes.

Wednesday: After a night of drinking, I was in desperate need of a bagel, coffee, and some Advil. So, I dragged myself out of bed to Village Bagels and that costed $6.25. Then my friend asked if I wanted to get Firehouse for lunch before our turbo, which was obviously hard to pass up, so I went. My panini and a soda cost $11.

Thursday: After my heavy spending in the beginning of the week, I was determined to not spend money for the rest of the week. I only got an iced coffee, which cost $2.85. I also went home to New Jersey so there was food there. Take advantage of the small things, collegiettes!

Friday: Between birthdays, eating out, and coffee, I was pretty much broke by the end of the week. Since I was home, I really didn’t need to spend money on food or anything, so I didn’t spend any money today.

In conclusion, I spent a total of $148.95. This was $29 more than I usually spend, but in my defense a lot of that money went towards my friend’s birthday dinner and gift so it was a special circumstance. However, I definitely know I can save money by not eating out as much and not getting iced coffee every day. But like I always say, iced coffee is more of a necessity in my life than an option (and I’m sure I’m not the only person who feels this way). All in all, tracking your money can make you realize what you need and what you can live without, especially if you’re a person who needs to control their spending!


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