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I Followed My Horoscope for a Week & Here’s What Happened

I have always been intrigued by my horoscope and frequently partaken in reading my daily horoscope. I’ll even admit to checking to see if my crush and I are ~astrologically compatible~ because that is all that really matters. I am an Aquarius and my sign is known for having a strong and dominant personality, being truthful, and extroverted. I feel like these traits fit me well enough. Since I could use all the advice I can get, I decided to follow my horoscope for a week. I was hopeful that the stars would point me in the right direction. Here is my experience:


My horoscope on Monday told me that I have to be the best me I could be and that will make me worthy of the gifts that will be bestowed on me. Oddly, I could relate to this bit of advice since my birthday was Sunday and my friends went above and beyond to get the most perfect gift for me. I was so touched that they went out of their way to get it for me, and I guess part of me felt guilty and undeserving of such a perfect gift. However, after reading my horoscope, I decided to be thankful for the gift I received and in turn, be the best friend I could be to my amazing friends.



My horoscope on Tuesday involved some relationship advice – how scandalous. It said that I should stop stalling in a relationship that is unfulfilling and move on. To be honest, this daily horoscope was a little disappointing because your girl is as single as could be. I also do not feel that any of my relationships with my friends are unfulfilling either. I didn’t really know where to go with this one. Amanda 1, horoscope 0.


On this ~hump day~ my horoscope told me to be more open to change because it could be the difference between good and great. I personally hate change and have always been a pretty habitual person, so this advice definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone. I decided a good place to make a change is in the way I usually do my readings for class. Typically, I will just highlight the sections of importance for my homework. Instead, I decided to take actual notes during my reading assignments. This actually made all the difference because I was forced to pay more attention to what I was reading. By doing this, I understood the reading better and was more prepared for the discussion in class. Looks like my horoscope does have some good tips after all!

Thursday to Friday:

On Thursday, my horoscope gave me the advice to recognize that I am special and unique. It also told me that an opportunity is coming my way. This is obviously very exciting, because it is senior year and a job opportunity post-graduation would be very nice. However, I feel like this advice is more of a mindset. As cheesy as it sounds, whenever I would feel stressed or not good enough, I would remind myself that I am special and unique, and to keep going. This definitely improved my attitude and my outlook on the events that transpired that day.


The Weekend:

In conclusion, I am pretty happy with what occurred after I took my horoscopes’ advice for a week. However, I do not think that my horoscope actually predicted anything substantial because everything was pretty vague and could be related to anybody or anything. It did offer some pretty good advice, though. So whenever you are lost and do not know where to turn, maybe it is not the worst idea to ~let the universe decide~. Good luck collegiettes!


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