I Am 18 and I Have Never Had A Boyfriend

After watching countless Disney princess movies growing up, I knew that someday my prince would come along and I’d find my true love. However, after 18 years of waiting, I haven’t been so successful. Now, I’m not saying that every boy you encounter and date has to equal a “forever love”, but the idea of meeting someone who you could potentially fall in love with is both really awesome and incredibly terrifying. Through my dating experiences, I never seemed to find anything deeper than a friendship. We didn’t click, I wasn’t interested, or the date just flat out sucked.

My ultimate worst date started out great and then plummeted fast. It was a sushi movie date; the sushi was delicious and the boy was really cute. Super easy to talk to and seemed super fun. When we got our seats in the theater and the movie began I was eagerly waiting for him to put his arm around me. To my disgusting surprise instead of making a move, the boy farted in the middle of the movie. Now, I know what you are thinking; “Wow this girl really knows how to pick them!” Don’t get me wrong. Like most girls, I have my list of attributes I look for in a guy so on paper these guys seem great but in reality they fell extremely short.

Just because your perfect idea of Mr. Right is not here now does not mean he is not out there. In the meantime, you do you. Focus on what makes you happy instead of seeking it in someone else. All great things take time and there is no reason to settle.

To me, having a boyfriend isn’t something to be rushed. It takes time and most importantly, commitment. If you are not feeling it for a guy, don’t force yourself to take those next steps. Once you feel comfortable and are able to be yourself and really like the guy, then by all means start dating. And for those girls who “don’t need any man to be happy”, you do you because you are amazing and totally justified.

There is nothing wrong with being single. What I have learned is instead of trying to find someone for me, I began focusing on myself. Girls don’t need a boyfriend to be happy and we don’t need a fling to take up our spare time. The concept of having a boyfriend is a choice and there is nothing wrong with not wanting one but for the girls who find the idea of having a boyfriend to be exciting and fun then they are allowed to. The idea of having a guy, who surprises you with flowers, is there to kill the huge spider on the wall of your dorm room, and who wants to show you off to his friends is a pretty nice one.  Honestly lets be real ladies, who doesn’t like flowers and attention?

I have come to realize, through my microscopic yet insightful dating life that no guy will fit all the criteria in your Prince Charming manual, but that doesn’t mean you should settle! Just because I do not have a boyfriend doesn’t mean I don’t want one. There are billions of frogs out there to kiss and trust me that can be extremely fun, but I want my first boyfriend to be one that is special. I want him to be a man who respects me. I want him to be someone who will stand by my side. I want him to be loyal and loving. I want him to be a gentleman. With our generation, this man seems nearly impossible to find. But there is a guy out there for me, and I will not settle for something short of what I deserve.