Huge WandaVision Reveal

Oh Kathryn Hahn, you’ve outdone yourself. In a shocking reveal that shines a new light on WandaVision’s many “seasons,” we have discovered it was indeed Agatha all along. 

*obviously some spoilers ahead*

    In summary, Disney’s WandaVision is a television take on the Marvel comic book series The Vision and Scarlet Witch, and follows the events of Marvel’s massive film installment, Avengers: Endgame. Wanda and Vision are seemingly the stars of a situational comedy, which reflects a different decade each episode. However, as Wanda continues to create the perfect world of her mind’s eye, things begin to go awry. In essence, Wanda is keeping an entire town hostage in order to play house with her dead robot lover, but things keep popping up that question her control. To quote Selena Gomez’s witchy Disney character, “everything is not what it seems.” 

In Episode 7, “Breaking the Fourth Wall,” Wanda’s world within the boundary she has created is set in the 2000s, while Agent Monica Rambeau and team attempt to enter it. Their efforts fail until Rambeau decides to enter on her own, passing through the hex a third time. Wanda’s world within is slipping. Vision teams up with Dr. Darcy Lewis, while his children spend some time with Agnes, or Agatha Harkness masquerading as their neighbor (bum bum buuum). When Agnes invites Wanda inside, we soon realize her children are nowhere to be seen. Agnes, seemingly out of Wanda’s control entirely, is revealed to actually be Wanda’s most immediate threat, Agatha Harkness, attacking the world she’s created from within. All those little mishaps and glitches were Agatha all along. Agatha Harkness is essentially the ~wicked witch of Westview.~

So many answers are left to the upcoming episode releasing on February 26th. Where are Wanda and Vision’s children? At what store did Agatha acquire her witchy aesthetic? Oh, and Monica Rambeau seems to have powers now, which is so exciting. There are already plenty of theories regarding episode 7, but we will all just have to wait in anticipation for Friday.