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How to: Survive a Darty and Still Make it Out At Night

Saturdays during the fall are Fairfield University student’s favorite days. A Darty is probably one of the only ways you could voluntarily get a college student up before noon. Darty season at the beach is one of the most fun perks of going to Fairfield. In order to have a fun and safe time, follow these tips and you will be sure to have a day you will never forget.


1. Be sure to get good nights sleep. Yeah that might be hard seeing as most college students go out Friday night but just know that the longer you stay out the harder it will be to get up the next morning. Plus, nothing good happens after 2:00am so why stay out past then?

2. Eat a carb filled breakfast. Be sure to get up a little earlier than you planned to get your body and stomach to wake up. Eat something that will help you stay feeling healthy and full for most of the day. The last thing you want is to be dehydrated and hungry out in the sun.

3. When and if you decide to drink do not go full force in the beginning. Start slow. You don’t need to drink to have fun but if you choose to, drink responsibly and make sure to alternate with water.

4. Make a plan. There are always so many students at the beach and it is a chance to catch up with people but be sure to make a plan with your friends on when and how you are getting home. There is little to no service at the beach so make sure to always stick with a friend. Nothing good can come out of being drunk and alone on the beach.

5. When you get back home be sure to drink a lot of water and eat something. Drink some juice to get some sugar into your system and eat something that will fix your craving.

6. Do not take a nap. This is probably the hardest rule to follow. For most people when they get back from a day drink around 4 or 5 the first thing they want to do is take a nap. DO NOT.  Taking a nap is a sure sign that there is no chance you are going out that night. If you want to go out that night don’t take a nap!

7. Know yourself. If you truly feel like you can go out after a long day at the beach do so but don’t be peer pressured into going. There is nothing wrong with staying in, with going out just for a little or going out the whole night. Do what’s best for you!

Stay safe and have a great time!


Jackie has been an active member of Her Campus Fairfield over the past two years and is the new Co-Campus Correspondent for Fairfield's chapter. She is a junior communications major with a minor in marketing. She loves baking, sports, sushi, and her Jack Russell Terrier Tipper.
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