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How to Pick The Perfect Cashmere Style for You

When it comes to cold weather attire, cashmere is the ultimate winter indulgence. From sweaters to scarves, hats to gloves, and jackets to blankets, the array of styles will satisfy any cashmere lover’s desires. In addition, the different dyes of the fabric make it all the more envy worthy when the temperature drops and the style game intensifies. 

Like a designer bag or piece of jewelry, cashmere is an investment. It has become a timeless wardrobe staple. Esteemed designers like Chloe and Celine shaped their AW14 collections at Paris Fashion Week around new cashmere trends, using different structured coats and silhouettes.  

When deciding what cashmere piece to splurge on, think of practicality. If you are a scarf loving collegiette then opt for a cashmere scarf in burgundy or hunter green to add a little flair to your outfits. If you are a cardigan loving collegiette, look for a style that has a more transitional hue, so you can wear it on frigid winter mornings as well as cool summer nights. Cashmere accessories like gloves, hats, or blankets to wrap yourself in on lazy weekends are always a perfect compliment to your wardrobe as well.

No matter what style of cashmere you choose to pamper yourself with, this soft, light, and decadent fabric will not disappoint. 

Camille Giacovas is a sophomore at Fairfield University with an International Studies major and an English minor with a concentration in Professional Writing.  She dreams of traveling the world and she strongly believes in the power of living a positive life. She is a lover of hot yoga, running and finding the little things in life that bring her joy. Her mornings would not be complete without a chai tea latte. 
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