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How to Make a Night of Staying In

To go out or not to go out? We’ve all been faced with that tough decision. Truth is, sometimes your warm, comfy bedroom is just much more appealing than wandering through negative temperatures and icy roads in uncomfortable heels and short dresses.

Contrary to popular belief, staying in on a Friday or Saturday night doesn’t always have to be quiet and boring. Here are 10 exciting ways to make a night out of staying in:

1. Invite your two best guy friends over, Ben and Jerry

2. Make it a spa night

3. Have a movie night

4. Catch up on your favorite TV shows

5. Read a good book (wine optional)

6. Have a girls night

7. Order take-out from your favorite restaurant

8. Get crafty—find those DIY projects that you pinned months ago and get creative!

9. Channel your inner Betty Crocker and bake your favorite dessert

10. Have a game night

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