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How to Get Through a Tough Week When It’s Only Monday

As college students, we have all experienced those weeks when there is so much going on in our calendars. We feel beyond overwhelmed and that there is just no way to get around to all of the events, activities, and tons of homework we have.

But don’t get discouraged when it’s only Monday and it seems like your week is never going to end! The best way to start each new day is to get organized because it will maximize your productivity. Soon enough, you’ll have conquered the week that seemed nearly impossible!

Here are three tips for being calm, cool, and collected when things just can’t seem to get any more stressful.

1. First, look through your planner and map out what assignments, meetings, and events are top priority. By recognizing what is most important on your to-do list, you’ll be able to stay more focused and have a more positive attitude going into the week.

2. Give yourself enough well deserved breaks, but always keep an eye on the prize. Taking 5-10 minutes to yourself after finishing each assignment is the perfect way to break up your busy schedule. It’s totally okay to walk away from work for a little break, as long as you get back to it!

3. Lastly, breathe. Know that everything on your agenda for the week will get done! By accomplishing a few tasks each day, you’ll have your whole to-do list checked off by the end of the week! Setting small goals for yourself each day will alleviate your stress and make the week feel a little less impossible.

Have positive vibes Collegiettes, we got this!


Joanna Mastropaolo is a senior at Fairfield University and is majoring in Communication and minoring in Islamic World Studies. She's from New Jersey and loves anything that has to do with the Olympics, but especially the Women's gymnastics team! Joanna is grateful to be a part of the Her Campus team and is looking forward to what the future has in store for her :)
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