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How to Get Cara Delevigne’s Bold Brows

Nothing screams fall like a bold brow! And who does it better than English fashion model Cara Delevingne? Delevigne’s infamous brows have been idolized in the last year for their distinctive thickness and contrast with her blonde hair. Everyone wants to look like a supermodel, so how do us thin-browed girls achieve this look? Nothing a little makeup and illusion cannot create! Keep reading to find out how to achieve Delevigne’s infamous look.

First thing’s first, put down the tweezers. Delevinge’s brows are all about the natural beauty of the brow world. Next, brush your brows out with either your fingers or an eyebrow comb. Make sure the hairs are all running in the same direction for the best application.Choose any brow pencil of your choice and outline your brows. A simple go-to product for any eyebrow guru is the Anastasia Brow Wiz, which is available at Sephora. For your eyebrow product, choose a shade that is much darker than one you would normally reach for. Simply outline the bottom of your eyebrow starting a centimeter or so from the beginning so that the front of the brows are not too harsh. Repeat the same step with the top.

Delevingne goes for a very soft and unruly look to the front of her brows, which gives her a very youthful appearance. Delevingne never has a very sharp arch to her brows as well, which adds to the juvenility of the unkempt brows. Remember when lining, the goal here is not for precision, but intensity. Use a light hand with filling them in, and build up intensity as needed.

If you’re feeling like you just drew your brows on with a sharpy, look no further than your new best friend: the spooly. At the end of the Brow Wiz is a strange little device that may save your life. Its resemblance to a twisted pipe cleaner may bring you back to your kindergarten days at first, but this little object is indeed for your eyebrows. Run the spooly through your brows until some of the marker-like appearance is gone. When you have reached your desired intensity, throw on some clear gel to set your brows in place for the day, and you are good to head to class or walk the runway!

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